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Made in Japan


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Yamaha ef5200fw 4-stroke generator

Generator Associates is an authorised Yamaha power products dealer and stocks 9 Yamaha generators, imported directly from the USA. These are single phase, 2 and 4-stroke petrol generators, with outputs ranging from 0.7 to 5.5kVA.

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About Yamaha

Yamaha generators are packed full of state-of-the-art technology that not only guarantees high-level performance in the various functions you hope for from a generator but also makes them outstanding in operability, economy and durability. And, to make sure that there is a Yamaha to fit all types and conditions of use, we offer a wide range of model variations, so you are certain to find just the right generator to fit your needs. Whether you need a portable generator for home use, your RV, camping or work, Yamaha has a quiet, fuel efficient model for you.

Get yourself a Yamaha generator and discover a new level of convenience and carefree use that only the most advanced technology in the industry can provide. A Yamaha generator will help make your work easier, more efficient and more creative.