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Yamaha YS5500

Made in Japan

Made in Japan


Single Phase

Air Cooled

Yamaha YS5500 Enduro generator


Locally assembled in South Africa, designed to cope with African conditions. This robust generator is housed in a fully protected pipe frame and is powered by the legendary Yamaha MZ360-K2-50 engine coupled to a SINCRO alternator producing world-class power for when you need it. The YS5500 is ideal for agriculture, construction sites and artisans working on site.

YS5500 Features

  • 4-stroke OHV engine

    Compact size, high power, low fuel consumption & low noise level.

  • Brushless generator

    Maintenance free.

  • Circuit breaker(s)

    Fuseless type to protect the circuit against overcurrent.

  • Auto decompressor

    Light recoil starting.

Technical Specifications

Type Locally Assembled 4 Stroke Petrol Generator Fully Protected Pipe Frame
Rated voltage (V) 220
Frequency (Hz) 50
Rated output (KVA) 5
Max. output (KVA) 5.5
DC output N/A
Type MZ360-K2-50 4 Stroke OHV Forced Air-Cooled with Automatic Low Oil Protection System with Balance Shaft for Smooth Operation
Starting system Recoil Starter with Auto Decompressor
L*W*H (mm) 750 x 540 x 540
Dry Weight (kg) 82
Fuel tank capacity(full)(l) 6.7
Operating hours (Hr) 2.4
Noise Level (db A)(7m) 77
Brushless Yes
Voltage regulator Condenser
Circuit breaker system Non-fuse breaker



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